Tonachino Firenze

Tonachino Firenze™ a genuine lime-based, Venetian plaster features easy application and exceptional durability for interior and exterior applications. Tonachino Firenze™ is a contemporary version of the early, Italian plaster which is known for its warmth and dramatic appearance. Its natural makeup, gives Firenze™ the authentic, “Old-World”, sand finish sought by architects and designers around the world. A unique blend of natural ingredients including slaked lime, river sands, powdered marble and polymer admixtures help give Firenze™ superb adhesion, durability and make it highly water-repellant. Tonachino Firenze™ comes in a white paste that can be tinted any color.

Tonachino Firenze™ enhances elegant wall spaces in Villas, commercial buildings, theaters, offices and any other interior or exterior space that requires the highest quality wall treatments. Tonachino Firenze™ allows you to create a wide variety of Interior finishes with state -of-the-art effects in any color and texture. Tonachino Firenze™ can be used as a finish coat for interior and exterior walls, ceilings, and many other architectural details. Primarily applied to concrete, block, plaster and gypsum board substrates, the product can also be used to beautify most other smooth-surfaced materials.

Usage: For interior and exterior spaces